Fire With Fire

Ukrainegate is simple.  Trump stands accused of a crime of utterance, employing gangster tactics to coerce another country into prosecuting a political rival.  Do those words add up to High Crimes and Misdemeanors?  Personally, I think the idea is preposterous, but it is definitely a political question that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

An even simpler impeachment case that would be in response to Trump’s ordering his lawyer to spend campaign funds to pay off former girlfriends.  The bag man in that case is already in jail.  Crickets from the Democrats on that . . . .


Pelosi could easily bring an impeachment vote to the floor of the House in January.  I certainly hope she does.


What if the Dems piddle around until June or later to Impeach?  The trial in the Senate would then upstage the political conventions, and Trump’s die-hard supporters in the Senate can be counted on to delay a final vote until after Trump gets re-nominated.

So let’s say we wind up with a conviction vote of 75-25.  Trump leaves office and Pence takes the oath.  The Republicans then are obliged to revoke the nomination, and after that to get the names on the ballot changed in all 50 states.  That gives 50 local MAGA groups a chance to disrupt the works within each state.  I do not agree with those who fear Trump leading a civil war, but it is likely that his supporters will act out.

Meanwhile, you can expect litigation from hell in this scenario.

Finally, if the trial goes into October, it would not be possible to change the ballots.  To add spice to this What If?, lets say the Democrats nominate Joltin’ Joe Biden or some other Clintonish loser.  Let’s say this juices the Third Party movement up to 10% or more of the vote.  We could be looking at Citizen Trump winning his second election.  That would cause a bit of a ruckus.

I conclude this speculation with two words:


Banana Republic

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All this impeachment garbage proves two things.
The Democrats have no policies to offer that anyone is buying. And, they know it.

The other thing.
The Democrats are experts at accussing others of that which they themselves are guilty. 
Investigate, investigate, investigate Trump.
But, how dare Trump or anyone investigate Biden!

The hypocrisy is astounding.

Pipeline and Railroad across the Berring Strait: Bye bye middle east quagmires. Bye bye 23ft/gal super tankers polluting the world. Add a highway to that. Then we can drive to Asia, Europe and Africa. Road trip heaven!
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I say investigate ALL of them

Everyone can find a way to enjoy bologna sandwiches
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Can't imagine the Republicans voting to impeach.  No way the senate will ever have a 2/3 vote for impeachment.
Ye shall know the phony left by the gates they keep.
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They'd need 20 repubs to cross over and vote with them assuming all 45 dems and the 2 indies voted to remove.  I don't see it happening, but at the same time would not be shocked if it did.  Of the 53 senate republicans, surely at the very least the majority of them are card carrying deep state order takers.  However if 20 repubs remove trump from office they will very likely not be re-elected back home under any circumstance.

In my opinion this precise scenario, save a detail here or there, would be playing out with a President Sanders at this point in time.  The so called control structure wants its lemmings in office to go along with their agenda 100% of the time, not 90-something% of the time.

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