....but we must remember they took good care of their dog.  <snark>  So glad to see justice done and by entering guilty pleas their children will not have to testify in court removing a huge burden from the children.  Rarely do abusive parent get caught and rarer still do they face real punishment. 

Mrs. Turpin wept during the plea before the judge... I am certain the tears were for herself and not her children.

They will be sentenced to 25 years to life with the possibility of parole.  Mr. Turpin is 57 so he has to live to be 82 to even be considered for parole...Ms. Turpin who is 50 will only need to make it to 75....I hope parole is never granted, sadly here in California parole is granted to anyone who is over 60 who has served a minimum of 20 years.  

David and Louise Turpin each admitted 14 felony counts including cruelty to an adult dependent, child cruelty, torture and false imprisonment.
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