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I don't think this is just about Ukraine.  A constant propaganda barrage about alleged regime atrocities in Syria also contributed to a refreezing of Cold War public opinion in recent years.  In a sense, the Cold War by proxy never really ended.  As John Feffer observes:  https://fpif.org/cold-war-never-ended/
Indeed, viewed over the long term, war is the very oxygen that we breathe, while peace is but the brief interval when we hold our breath and hope for the best.[

Since my birth in the mid-1950s, the Cold War with Russia has been permanent and "normal" fixture of life.   Meanwhile, the "peace dividend" that was supposed to follow the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s was never paid out, and never much missed.   As nobody seemed to demand anything specific,  what we received after 1990 was the spectacle of U.S. and NATO knocking off one former Soviet proxy after another.  Some were bombed into oblivion, twice.  Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the bombings and occupation have been going on for fifteen years, lest the Russians ... Bin Laden ... Al Qaeda. er, ISIS, come back. 

What seems to have really changed in the last few years, and has become painfully acute since 2013, is the shift in rhetoric among the Democratic leadership and the abandonment of the pretense of  any anti-war opposition.  MSNBC pushed Ds into a Two Minute Hate that lasts all day, every day, for years, with Trump's face merging into the giant projected image of Putin, who seems to be behind every failure and threat, real or imagined.

Wars are held to be more important than peace, and more reliable and enduring, for those whose job it is to fight, and prepare to fight, war.  War is a geist (ghost), every bit as real and universal as each nation has its own characteristics and spooks.   Hegel's "world spirit" lives through the people who experience it - it has no existence, otherwise.  However the rest of humanity may have once hoped and believed the Cold War into oblivion, the people for whom "peace is our profession", in the immortal words posted outside the gates of Strategic Air Command bases, peace remained part of a slogan eternally linked with preparation for forever war.  So long as the Cold War lives as our reality, whether we like it or hate it --until we create an anti-war -- peace will be forever impossible.


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