How long will the billionaire owners of pro sports teams put up with the shutdown of their money cows?

P.S.  Did they receive billions in the stimulus bill and do the players have a union contract that pays them thru pandemics?
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I don’t know and I read a week ago the Oakland A’s couldn’t pay their stadium rent.
What I found hard to believe given pro sports salaries, that the owner of the team couldn’t afford to pay it.

Im not taking a position as to whether he should or not, just that they couldn’t.

Lot of revenue I guess comes from the tix, hats, and tee shirts eh?

Also big corps like Hertz are falling, and while I know biz has completely dried up for them the last 2-3 months, as w the airlines, what I find amazing is they and their elk didn’t have enough reserves to have lasted much longer.

When we think of big money, I guess it’s the same as a mom and pop, if it’s not coming in it’s not going out.
But who would have thunk so many big biz would be going under too?

Perhaps it’s just my naivety .
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Money is a disease. The more you make the more you need.
I remember when I was wee lad in my mid 20's making $34,000/year that if I could just get to $44,000/year I would be set. I can't imagine living on that pittance now. I wonder about the future of the sports biz. At the first opening it may do well just b/c everyone wants to get out. But over the past couple of months people have developed new hobbies. Bicycling for example. You can't buy a bicycle right now. They are all sold out. Parts for them are all sold out. Accessories for them are all sold out. We shall see what happens. But, I think some things may have changed permanently.
Pipeline and Railroad across the Berring Strait: Bye bye middle east quagmires. Bye bye 23ft/gal super tankers polluting the world. Add a highway to that. Then we can drive to Asia, Europe and Africa. Road trip heaven!
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Some for the better. 
Nature is getting a much needed break.
Skies are clearing and wildlife returning.

We were just remarking yesterday evening as we saw the contrail of a jet fly over how rare that is to see now. Used to see several every morning flying out of Florida and several coming in around 6pm.

Speaking of, we are thinking of driving out to Cape Canaveral on Saturday to see the Falcon/Dragon launch. My son drove out yesterday but at the last moment it got scrubbed. 

It it will be our first little trip in quite awhile but we figure we can do it safely by putting a couple lawn chairs in the back of the truck and pack a lunch.

I’m kind of excited about getting out and seeing it.
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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