10 days working 12 hours to get the firm employees on remote work....struggling getting enough laptops training - oh and holding hands with panicky scared people (and I am not a squishy type person - but I have learned to reassure people and I try to make them laugh).

Starting Monday - I am no longer essential personnel and can work from home, work station all set up and new mouse and keyboard are going to be great.  I am excited and scared.  I am hopeful and worried...can I do my job remotely - I think so.  

IF we can all pull this off maybe we can all work from home in our bunny slippers and jogging pants with matching T-shirt.  IF we can be productive - maybe we won't have to report to their glass towers and overlords.  I am hopeful and I have bunny slippers at the ready!

Be safe and join me in believing that this silver lining will be a form of freedom.
Love takes time and seems as if it will never truly win ....believe it will ~PaganWoman
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My fun job is over until sporting events are scheduled again. My business is dead in the water. My crypto currencies tanked.
Luckily the missus can work from home for her job. Thank dog it's very easy to make lots of quick money when the market tanks so fast. But, there will be a bottom to that eventually.
Pipeline and Railroad across the Berring Strait: Bye bye middle east quagmires. Bye bye 23ft/gal super tankers polluting the world. Add a highway to that. Then we can drive to Asia, Europe and Africa. Road trip heaven!
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