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However, they have been flogging that dead horse for almost 43 months now.  Biggest flop in the history of hype,

So from an outsider's/ bystanders viewpoint this is where it's about to become interesting as to what next   happens.

Will they blatantly try to screw him again and if  so, is that not all ready becoming evident?

And if so, why FCS is he agsin going along w this media created agenda?

Is this truly the road to success for Berni?
Bowing down to the establishment which was such a big turn off so many of his dieheart supporters in 2016 when hie grovelled with SOS  will do  this and that? Yuk

While I believe in second chances, redemption, sometimes, I'm not a fool and exactly what is he trying to do right now?

Is he now trying to legitmize the stealing of his own nomination again, just  when it looks like he might win?
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Fire With Fire
My grim operating hypothesis is that he is winning now because he took the 2016 groveling to the next level.  He has lost some support, but the cheating against him has abated — and the net result is that his only real opponent for the rest of the campaign is Bloomberg.

I do not know what I would do if I were magically transported into his position.  The prospect of gaining The Bully Pulpit and having a chance to lead our nation out of the Neolib/Neocon stranglehold on the world would be very hard to blow off.

The results tonight support my hypothesis.

Unless Biden wins South Carolina by some huge margin, he will be done.  And unless somebody hits big on Super Tuesday, the campaign will be over.  If they want to cheat him, they better hurry up.
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Nice dig at the Washington Post the other day, reminiscent of the 2016 Bernie.

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