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While Tulsi had serenity, carried herself w calm dignity both she and Jesse have a certain undeniable inner strength and I love how he literally snarls.


They really would make a dream ticket, both great minds and unafraid to unleash their laser sharp powers.

We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Alligator Ed
Here is a guy I can definitely back without hesitancy.  
 A reasonable voting base of 15% of ballots cast will do several things, although I strongly doubt the Green party is correct vehicle.  They still haven't got their act together.  But that might change with strong, dynamic leadership from Jesse.
My current opinion, 6 months in advance of election day, is that with about 15%  (or hopefully more) of people voting third party would draw voters from R and D's--but mainly D's.  Whether Jesse runs or not, Team Blue is not going to topple Commander Cheeto.  Sorry, dreamers, ain't going to happen.  But the D's will be so crippled by their defeats by the R's plus losses of a few seats in the House will fatally weaken the D's.  Black voters are seeing the D's for the phonies and liars that they have been for decades.
Remaking the political landscape starts now IF a charismatic leader like Ventura would lead it.  Jill Stein is a true progressive but doesn't have the "stage presence" necessary to win what amounts to a national popularity contest.  Jesse has that indefinable character needed.  So what if he lost, which he would almost certainly do in his first run for the WH?  He gets his foot and his party's feet in the door on a national scene.  Rome wasn't built in a day and the Establishment won't die in a day either.
Will he run?  I would like to see that happen, otherwise I'm voting for Trump, who this time around is definitely the lesser of the two evils.  Trump is a clod but he is tough.  But Jesse is both intellectual and tough.  What else would expect from a former Navy Seal?
My dream ticket:  Jesse and Tulsi.  The military would really like to back two of their own instead of the armchair generals of the duopoly.  Independents, Libertarians could rally behind that ticket.  But from the Left, I would expect relatively few former D's to bolt from a party to which they have been blindly adherent for 50+ years.  Perhaps, but a party that putatively supports Biden is populated by sheep and dummies.
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Alligator Ed
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