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In a previous essay, Crossfire Hurricane "magic bullets" and mayhem, the second part, mayhem, death with the topic that Politics is a blood Sport (PIABS). The contention was that the those in power will do anything to retain power.  Repeat:  those in power will do anything to retain power, even if it means sacrificing innocent lives to promote their positions of authority.

Past examples are plentiful.  Look at the multi-colored revolutions around the world.  Look at Ukraine whose revolution was called "orange" I think, though that matters not.  Thank you George Soros, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Victoria Nuland.  Thank you all.  And a word of acknowledgement to Her Horribleness, H. Rodent Clinton who was part of the plotting commission.

Ron Brown, Bubba Clinton's secretary of Agriculture and black (which blackness means so much in these days of reinvigorated Black Lives Matter) was riding a commercial airline with over a hundred innocent passengers.  The inside story is that Ron Brown knew too much about things he shouldn't have been privy to in the first place; thus the plane and all its passengers were taken down simply to excise one "loose end".

One of the aims of 9/11, other than pushing the surveillance state, was to hide an ongoing Pentagon audit of $3T unaccounted for.  The day before, on 9/10, Donald Rumsfeld admitted that this money was missing.  Boom.  A big hole in the Pentagon, just so happens to zero in on the precise location of the auditors.  Amazing coincidence.  Yes, just amazing.

Moving to ongoing and therefore present events, the Plandemic.  Whether the Chinese loosed this plague on us or whether Fort Detrick schemers imported the plague to Wuhan's military games in October, 2019 is somewhat irrelevant.  The point is that the SARS2 vision was most likely a product of human engineering, involving amongst other things a furin cleavage site code absent from all other coronaviruses.  (Furin allows the spike protein a second mechanism of being activated from intact Protein S to active Protein S1).

How many people have died and will yet die needlessly because of this plot.  I don't presume to know the purpose of releasing SARS2 upon the world.  The motive(s) may be learned if the ultimate perpetrators of this plot are discovered.  Theorize all you wish.  At this point, until the fact that SARS2 is a human-made concoction, "improving" upon Nature for greater infectivity and improved lethality, guesses will simply remain guesswork.

Consider Awful Andy (NY) and Grizzly Gretchen (MI) brutal, callous potentates of Democrat fiefdoms.  They have locked down their states all in the name of science.  Necromancy more likely than science.  A chant is sung before each pronouncement of "scientific" isolation--unless of course you are a peaceful protestor, or not-so peaceful "rioter", which MSM uniformly conflates with peaceful protest.  But worse about Andy and Witchmer were their decisions to send elderly folks to likely death by relocating SARS2 sufferers and known contacts with otherwise uninfected other elderly in the same "care" facilities.

Can these two malefactors, as well as others unnamed here, be held criminally liable?  They should be.  Callousness.  Sociopathy to the ultimate degree, sacrificing the innocent for more time on the throne of power.

SARS2 will kill you!   HCQ will kill you!

But what became of social distancing when the protest cum riots spill into American streets?  Well, according to some, congregating en masse for the purposes of peaceful protests (and conjoined riots at times) is okay.  But no prayer in churches, mosques, synagogues.  Too dangerous to pray to any God except Moloch.

The following video (24:54) by Tim Pool gives a fine explanation.

Comments about organized protests in the U.S., Ukraine, Crimea, Moscow (etc.)

All together now, group sing!

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I just don’t know what to say Gator other than  I so long for a return to normalcy, not of the past so that also precludes voting for Joe Bygone

Or Trump.

Can you honestly see either of these two delivering us to the place we want to be?
Either to a more peaceful past or future?

If not, neither me.

I just can’t and won’t get behind either.
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Alligator Ed
Democrats must be annihilated.  Then work on replacing Republicans.  But first things first:  the Dems must be extirpated like the plague they brought us.
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