In a podcast with former Daily Beast chief Tina Brown recorded earlier this week, Clinton was clear in delivering her marching orders to the Democratic Congress: keep digging.

“There is enough grounds in what has already been made public for the government, for Congress in particular, to be doing more with it,” Clinton said. “And I’m pleased that under Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats are beginning to hold hearings and try to connect some of these dots.”

She doubled down on her dismay at the Democrats' annual Selma Unity Breakfast Sunday morning, telling a rapt audience that, "We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy," and that we are living through a time when "racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House."

Other attendees of the breakfast repeated Clinton's claims of having the election "stolen" from her by overzealous FBI agents and Russian hackers

And the House Democrats have fallen right in line and obeyed their master.

I don't give a fuck if it's Bernie, Tulsi or Jesus Christ himself on the top of the Democrat ticket.
It's the same shit show it was in 2016 all over again.
That insane clown posse will never get my vote again.
Pipeline and Railroad across the Berring Strait: Bye bye middle east quagmires. Bye bye 23ft/gal super tankers polluting the world. Add a highway to that. Then we can drive to Asia, Europe and Africa. Road trip heaven!
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HERE"S Hillary..... gradually poking her way back in.
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Alligator Ed
Hillary thinks that by running for president, Trump will just have to forgive her treason.

Q says no deals.  We'll see 😈
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