Tucker calls him an independent thinker, but he really isn't, at ALL, and neither is Tucker, at ALL.  Dore is another ho hum democrat party tribalist (proof: he won't say anything good about Trump and never has).  Also, he's "safe" - he will never and has never called out any in plain sight "conspiracies" that anyone with a 2nd grade education can discern.  Still kind of a cool interview though, as long as one is prepared to intellectually flash themselves back to preschool.

Martin Luther King (let alone real radicals) is literally rolling over in his grave at what passes for anti establishment talk in 2020.
oooh, soo edgy.   [image]

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Jimmy can never get too far off leash.  So many of Cenk's employees and ex-employees just can't make the break.
Ye shall know the phony left by the gates they keep.
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