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Joe Eggers on January 29, 2018

“Imagine a trial rocking a nation: accusations of collusion with a hated enemy, wealthy and influential elites taking sides, an entire country riveted by headlines. The trial would fundamentally alter the country; both changing how citizens viewed each other, the military and other national institutions.

“No, this is not related to the current investigation into President Trump’s alleged ties. While the Dreyfus Affair, as it would become known, happened more than a century ago, there are more than a few passing similarities between the events of today and those from the 1890’s.” Etc.


After Comey (Dir of FBI), Clapper (Dir of National Intelligence), Brennan (Dir of CIA), Lynch (US Attorney General) and many others in the leadership of our law enforcement institutions come to trial in the near future, we can refer to Trump’s ordeal as the “Trump Affair.” My Uncle, August 9, 2019

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