I think this is why time and time again Trump puts "regular Joes" up on stage with him and has them give a mini speech.

The standard format is, ME KING, ME SPEAK DOWN TO YOU PEASANTS.  Look at any Sanders or herself speech, it's the same exact format.  The stage is elevated and all the rest. 

We have the technology to have the vast majority of Americans vote on anything. 

Instead, it's outsourced to a couple hundred bought and paid for shills in DC who do the bidding of the largest corporations and the military etc.

There are so many more ways to do this that are infinitely more efficient and representative, it is mind boggling.
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Fire With Fire
Agreed that the process if flawed.  And it is not just the current corruption that is flawed, the structure itself is unsuited to the size of the American polity.  The distance between the citizen and the "representatives" at Federal, State and even local level in urban areas makes it impossible for us to know what our rulers are doing.  Human nature being what it is, that makes the "representatives" unaccountable in any real sense of the term.  Yes, elections provide a theoretical day of reckoning, but, even in City Council and Local School Board elections, you will not have any personal interaction with the politicians except by accident -- like having a cousin in politics.

However, I do not favor mass democracy with quick high tech votes on national issues.  This just hides the ball, because somebody has to make the proposals to be voted upon, and that requires "expertise," which puts us right back to where we are now with off stage elites still in control of public policy.  Furthermore, I do agree with the theory of representative democracy.  The functioning of government does require expertise as well as wisdom and a respect for the greater good.

I have never persuaded very many people of this approach, but I have for decades thought that we should re-write the Constitution to restrict the franchise to one race -- the Precinct Elector.  All precincts would have a maximum population of 3,000 citizens.  The Electors would serve one year terms and could be recalled at any time between elections by a petition with 500 signatures.  (Obviously there is wiggle room on these specific numbers.)

All public offices would be filled by a vote of the Electors within the jurisdiction.  Electors would be paid at about one fourth of a basic middle class salary for going to the trouble of evaluating all the candidates for public office -- Presidents, Water District Board Members, Judges, whatever.

This system would make it possible for any concerned citizen to have an actual conversation about government with the Elector.  It would also lead to bottom up party politics as there would no longer be any need for megabucks.  Politics would become nothing but local.

I also support a parallel concept of splitting up the USA into several smaller units. That is something that is impossible in our current Moneyball Political System, but would be quite doable under a Precinct Elector Constitution.
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