Me stare at my phone all day and am a repeater for whatever CNN tells me

Beep boop

Me want a chip in my arm and wires into my brain because me was told this good for me by my minister, my doctor, my university professor and on the teevee, plus everyone’s doooing it!


OOPS sorry, was under the temporary control of the globalist control grid.

Mark my words it won't be long at all before so called "sane" people who have been brainwashed to the hilt for their entire lives are arguing in favor of what is in the title of this post.

The "smart" phone rollout of the last 10 years was the gateway drug.

America needs to wake up before it is too late. If the past is any indication, I’m afraid they won’t.

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I still have a "dumb" phone, the 2G flip one
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