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BeeBee and Djean stay safe..take no chances...they have been saying all day you can take animals to shelters if you have a carrier for them..have your guys make one if need be!! They also said if you don't have carrier to take them they have shelters set up for animals..they said take leash..and food for your animal babies!! But don't let that keep you from going to shelter!!!
you will lose trees from cat 3 if that is what hits Tampa area..pinellas...the ground will be Francis and Ivan..trees were down everywhere Francis was Cat 1.. trees were down from Orlando all through to pinellas..street lights huge ones on I-4 were down everywhere...roof tops ripped off...please do not take any chances...flooding could be bad..but the winds ..catastrophic...and tornados...

my thoughts and prayers are with you!!
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Watching the Weather Channel and having a difficult time wrapping my head around the storm surge predictions. 

Stay safe my friends ...   image.gif 
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