..look at your phone/tablet/computer/tv screen and see that Donald Trump of all people is President of the United States and question the nature of reality?  I do, and I voted for the chap (herself was running; i'm sure u understand).  What a strange time to be alive!




...on the topic of trump's hair, in the following pics from last month he has "hat hair" and looks like a different person altogether.


And of course the iteration of the character Biff Tannen from the movie Back to the Future II was modeled after Trump. 


It is possible that the globalists had him tagged and went after him early such as in that movie.  After all, his 1980s interviews revealed populist positions such as strict controls on banking, an expansion of social programs, universal government run health care, progressive policies for independent farmers & ranchers, completely non interventionist "foreign policy" and a lot more. 

Strangely enough, the very year he finally decided to fully run for president, the person whose platform he had been hoping for all along (going only by Trump's earlier remarks - also when it comes to immigration Sanders remains to this day against open borders) was running in the other party, only to get cheated and say nothing about it.  As Trump himself stated a couple of years ago, Bernie could have been a legend, but Bernie backed down.
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This a mirage where Trump is depicting the 21st century role of Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver) where alternate realities have overlapped
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I liked the hat hair best! 👈😂

He looked a bit like Nick Nolte.

Yes it is a such a strange world we’re living in.

We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Really odd when you factor in the Simpsons had an episode where Donald Trump is the presdent in the future.
Pipeline and Railroad across the Berring Strait: Bye bye middle east quagmires. Bye bye 23ft/gal super tankers polluting the world. Add a highway to that. Then we can drive to Asia, Europe and Africa. Road trip heaven!
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