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Greetings Communitarians and fellow swampers

If you have a sense of humor, be one of the thousand watching the DNC shit show called the National Convention.  What nation, eh?  The Nation of a politically correct exclusionary deeply racist society of the authoritarian left.  Note I do not include all lefties, for I was once one.  Thank Sobek, I have seen the light.  Fellow swampers, I confess upon bended knees that once I was a Berniecrat (sob).  Bernie was the real deal, but then I learned he was a slimy invertebrate, victim of chronic desperation and financial perceived improper prior recompense for years of public service.  In other words, after a deal with the devil, aka the Giant Rat of Cappaqua, Bernie cashed in his chips.  Now he no longer rails against millionaires because he and Janie are ones.  Rest now, Bernie.  You have put your heavy conscience down on the dirt for history to remember.  The burden of today is less but history's will be heavier.

Statement of Bias:  Tulsi is the only hope on the Democraptic roster.  When she endorsed Bidenis Dementis, she gave a big middle finger farewell salute to Partei Blue.  Come back again, Tulsi.  The rest of the partei, of which I was once a member, can flame in Hades.  Those of you erstwhile liberals know there is no liberality in the Dem Partei.  Gone is the allowance of honest discourse without shunning, censoring and penalizing.  Gone is the spirit of live and let live.

What is the purpose of Partei Blue other than to maintain power at all costs.  They would rather have Götterdämmerung tasking themselves as well as the entire nation.  Murder-suicide I think.  Do you think it otherwise?  Explain.

What is the purpose of the DP to the people, not the elites?  Is it to do their bidding?

Rhetorical question.

Okay, learned ones, elucidate the need for a Dem Partei to an ignorant swamp critter (me).  DP acts as a foil to the Repugnants perhaps but they suck at the job.  Speaking of suck, let's not talk about Bill Clinton and Horizontal Harris, one hump or two?  ooh...ooh!

You know what happens when a person is sleep deprived for days at a time.  After a maximum of 5 days, neurological function deteriorates despite adequate access to nutrition and homeostatic requirements.  Hallucinations are common.  Delusions of course, manifold in substance but all lacking connection to reality.  Reality--what a concept!

Whatelse, sleepless ones?

Fatigue yet without sleep, muscular weakness, incoordination, sudden terrors and startles.  Does that sound like long-term manifestations of being Woke.  Woke is a is submitting to a yoke.  Woke is a yoke around the mind.  Woke demands obedience.  Woke demands Right Speak, triple-plus good.  The penalty for unwokeness (some call it sleep) is damage.  The Woke (Heaven protect the Woke) inflict damage, even if slight.  Like those with shallow egos, the Woke exact revenge, often as cowardly as do ankle-biting curs.

Tell me AOC of your wonderful contribution for assisting NYC, including your constituency out of Bezos planting an HQ.  Brilliant, barista.  Muy magnifico.

Schiff and Nadler.  What more needs to be said.

Prayerful Pelosi, whose liver is held together by Botox and thread, please pray for me, for us.  Pray that we can be purified in thy light and obtain the moral clarity of one of your thousand page legislations no one can comprehend.  Hold's a quick translation of all Pelosi bills:  "We're fucking you, gang--again.  You dumb fucks keep voting us in.  Does one expect an alligator to fly?"

Ouch.  I fell out of bed while contemplating Nervous Nancy's wisdom and humanity.  Oh shit, that was a bad daymare--still going on.  Ugh.

Unfortunately, the rude awakening just experienced hasn't quenched the horror of Schumer, Nadler, Mad Maxine, Susan Dirty Rice, and of course
the Devil with the blue dress on, William Hand Jive Clinton, and loving loathing spouse H. Rodent Clinton.

Wow.  I feel so much better.  Thanks for allowing me to rant.

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Didn't watch a minute of it.  I guess I am done with politics.  It is just an amusing curiosity to me now.
Ye shall know the phony left by the gates they keep.
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Alligator Ed
If you missed night 4 of DNC debacle you might appreciate this synopsis:

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Celebrity Squares.

Didn’t  watch the first 2 nights and while waiting for the 3rd night to get underway, I watched Bill’s speech from the night before. The great explainer.

Collin Powell, Sally Yates, Cindy McCain (you people).

What ever were they thinking???

Obama appeared Presidential, well dressed, spoken as usual, but as he gave his scholarly lecture I couldn’t help but think how much more treacherous he is than Trump, who rarely can stay on message but at least you know what you are going to get.

This whole election cycle is such a farce!
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Alligator Ed
The Obamanation looks tired, worried and evil.

Kopmala looks like a pneumatic whoopee cushion.

H. Rodent Clinton hides her whiskers and long tail well.  But we know what she/it is
(Say "she/it" fast and you get the picture.)
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