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This essay could well be placed in the Health and Medicine section of CF but here it is, fittingly emanating from a swamp.  Ebola, an incurable virus causing internal and external hemorrhaging in many mammalian species is endemic to certain parts of Africa.  The link I am posting recounts several things for consideration.  This video is only 13 minutes long and well-narrated.

Three years ago, a large Ebola outbreak was successfully halted in the Peoples Republic of the Congo, a very large central African country which has an Atlantic port, although the country stretches halfway across the African continent.  

If any of us happen to go to an ER or a hospital, we are routinely asked if we have travelled outside the U.S. in the past 3 weeks.  Why?  To check the possibility that the patients (us) have been infected with Ebola.  The incubation phase is 2 to 21 days.  Mortality is 50 to 90%.

The video mentions US Army experiments in WW2, the 1970's and 2017 in utilizing bats as bioweapons.  Yes.  Incredible as that may seem and despite the enormous failures of the earlier batshit crazy experiments, the 2017 had the possibility of causing real harm by spreading disease pandemics.  This is illustrated in the video.

One interesting aside is a newspaper article about the increasing recent death rates of L.A. homeless people--disease-related?

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I haven’t watched the video yet, but your comment about increasing death rates of L.A. homeless people caught my attention. My dog, 

In Los Angeles County, the average age of death for homeless people was 48 for women and 51 for men. The life expectancy for women in California in 2016 was 83 and 79 for men — among the best longevity statistics in the nation.

Over the five-year period in L.A. County, there also was a sharp increase in deaths of younger adults who were homeless. For instance, the deaths of adults under 45 more than doubled.

Now off I go to watch your video. Save my seat. Be right back.
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I tried twice on the first day you posted this to open the link to the video and again today w no success.

Was anyone else able to watch it or has it been taken down?

A day or so I read about immigrants from the Congo, arriving in San Antonio w little or no warning.

As we all now know, with modern day air travel, deadly disease are only an air flight away.
And people have been quarantined before based on high fevers.

And in this article, if I can find it again, it said, this is why they ‘always’ ask you, if you have traveled to any such countries in the last 30 days.

So w/o being able to watch the video, is this the premise?
That homeless encampments could be the next breeding ground for Ebola and such?
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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beebee wrote:
I tried twice on the first day you posted this to open the link to the video and again today w no success.

I tried the link today successfully.  Try again.

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