Brought about by the London Tower fire that did not collapse, though the thing flamed like a torch for hours.

Manny and a few others are defending the government version and I and several others are representing the truth movement.  So far he has not shut down the discussion.

Ye shall know the phony left by the gates they keep.
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Those are two very epic threads!

Unfortunately threads with much more than a handful of replies are next to impossible to view at JPR on an iPad as the page keeps reloading.

Need I ask you what your position is on this? [wink] [biggrin]

And yes I did read your red chip analysis and have been following the architects and engineers video for years.

For some people their bottom line has been the Iraq war vote, but I have heard you say before its whether they are the gatekeepers of the Gov'ts version of what happened with 9/11.

Agree, that the former did lead to the latter.

Which while everyone is talking about what brought down the towers, because of the disimilarties between The WTC towers and Grenfell. one of the things I didn't see discussed was motive. Larry Silverton, asbestos, insurance.

What I also found the most troubling about the Gov't version was that 19 of the hijackers were Saudis,
but we went after Iraq instead. Where was the justification in that?

A lot of things during 9/11 didn't add up, such as the Saudi's being flown out, without any questioning and up until today where we are still supplying them with massive weapon packages.

We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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I became a 9/11 truther about day two or three.  I never bought the official version.  I got an early banning from Dkos for sarcastically linking to earthquake rubble and debris and claiming it looked just like 9/11 debris.

I was kind of surprised that left gatekeeper Manny let these threads stand and tried to engage many of us -- without any success. 

As I told flygirl the other day in emails, I have been at this a long time and there are not many who can go toe to toe with me.  There are just too many ways the government fucked up negligently or intentionally to justify.  And the government apologists can never defend the destruction of evidence and the failure to investigate and test for explosives both of which are illegal.  It is fun to call these people advocates for lawlessness.  I have had a lot of practice doing advocacy and when you don't use the scientific method, (like failure to do scientific testing or proper testing) these arguments are nothing but advocacy.  It pisses a lot of them off when they can't keep up.  Ohio Barbarian was especially pissed off.  He mentioned that a lot of my posts were CT or denialist bullshit and I told him it was better than his neolib bullshit which he so fucking proud of and of the following he has generated (from like minded neolibs).

The buildings were brought down by controlled demolition.  Pure and simple.

I made a few converts  -- hawkowl for one -- and he/she is an airline pilot.
Ye shall know the phony left by the gates they keep.
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The videos where engineers and architects are explaining the science and the physics relating to 9/11 and the collapse of the towers leaves no doubt in my mind. Oh, and Building 7 just happened to collapse in the same exact way ?

And these people can somehow sleep at night ?
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