Obviously the same is true for those on the "right."  For instance Libertarians' hate of Omar despite Omar saying things that align with their views 100%.

Would be nice if one, just one progressive commentator would connect the dots - the phony establishment hates Trump just as much as they hate Tulsi/Bernie/Jill.

Maybe, just maybe there are some common threads among them all. Nah couldn’t be. Muh tribalism, Orange man bad!

For some reason – a script; groupthink; afraid of being called a Russian bot or Trump stooge; pressure from the knowledge that the fakestream media has successfully propagandized the majority of left leaning citizens – even the most brilliant progressive real journalists stay in their lane and give Trump credit for nothing, bashing him at every turn.

IF they were not tribalists for the Democratic Party and/or other political parties and instead were IDEA TRIBALISTS, then surely they would praise the things the administration does right.  Why not?  What's there to lose?

There's lots to bash with any U.S. administration when coming from a progressive perspective, and these hosts/writers do just that and they do it well.  It's just the not giving him credit for ANYTHING thing that leads to the thought, Stay tribey, boys n girls.

Ultimately it probably comes down to false divides so the population argues amongst themselves with their eye off of the ball (except for footballs, basketballs, baseballs and other entertainment vehicles) so the machine can pillage the world.

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