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In the title the word generation is a noun and not a verb.  Incidents of violence are becoming publicized more frequently than anytime after the Civil Rights Movement.  Is this because of better media coverage or because of a true increase in violent acts?

I can think of at least four areas of public life in which many recent examples occur.  This essay does not, therefore, discuss anything new or original but, rather, recent, known, disgusting things boding poorly for our society.

Area one:  Governmental violence~
The clearest example is the DAPL protest.  Dissent, consisting of peaceful protest was viciously subdued by a combination of militarized police (about which, more later); perverted laws allowing such repression to occur; use of mercenaries (so-called private security firms with their own snarling attack dogs).  Rather than arguing the Lakota tribes' legitimate justifications for doing what they were attempting to do, which indeed WERE justified, it needs only to be illustrated just a few things indicative of much larger problems.  The first is "eminent domain", a legal precept in which seizure of private property is able to be done in the name of "common good".  Instead this precept has mutated into transfer of someone's private property to another, richer party for the second party's private good. A second important issue is the nullification of environment safety by creating a known risk of pollution; involving a common and vital resource: clean water.  As multiple experts at the time predicted oil spills which fouled water sources, multiple spills have indeed happened.

So, the Hate here is obvious.  It is the Hate not of only private corporations for the well-being of the citizenry but also of a government (or in this case multiple government from municipal to national) for those very same concerns.  If a government truly was considering the well-fare of their population, then this horrendous, brutal repression would not have been allowed.

Area two:  Commercial violence~
By this is included not only the corporate poisoning of the environment, explained under are one, but as an exemplar, the airline industry.  Mounting numbers of examples have arisen in just the past year.  Several different airlines have been involved, so that it is not simply of one airline's bad management.  It is a sign of intolerance to humane treatment of passengers as well as violation of contract.  The most publicized incident and the most bloody one, occurred when a passenger, who had purchased, i.e., paid for ticket with an assigned seat was physically ejected from a plane because he would not abandon his lawfully purchased seat.  An airline ticket is a contract.  By overbooking a flight, two people were assigned the same seat, each without intending to harm anyone else.  The airline committed fraud as well as physical assault by enforcing this double-booking practice.

The point here is not to relitigate those atrocious actions, of which I have cited only one but to draw attention for the utter contempt for humans, otherwise known as passengers--passengers treated often with little more dignity than cattle.  Anything AND everything to increase profit.

Area three:  road rage~
Yes, we all get a bit angry when someone cuts our car off or drives in two lanes at once, etc.  But does this excuse ramming another's vehicle or shooting the driver of the "offending" vehicle.  For some reason certain states have more frequents incidents of this than others (a topic, perhaps, for another essay).  The psychological underpinnings may have received some scientific study as to causation, and certainly more is necessary.  The point here is that individual against individual violence is perpetrated for what?  Ten second faster arrival times?  But obviously, the problem hinges upon inability to suppress violent impulses on fellow citizens by other citizens, not government or corporations.

Undoubtedly, such occurrences have deep societal underpinnings, about which I won't speculate.  Why?  Because this driving violence is so wide-spread, not only geographically, but probably also socioeconomic reasons.

Area four: Police brutality~
It is doubtful that we can go even a single day without at least one episode of police violations of the safety of citizens literally guilty of nothing.  This does not simply extend to shooting of unarmed, nonresistant people.  Indeed, this essay was impelled by reading an email, the entirety of which I will not quote, involving a young woman in Bakersfield CA who was guilty of riding a bicycle while black.


Tatyana Hargrove is a 19 yr old girl who was beaten by Bakersfield police and maliciously attacked by a K9 police dog while riding her bike home. The reason? Police say they mistook her for an adult male suspect but throughout the encounter, Tatyana was never told why she was being arrested. “After they beat me and threw me in the cop car, that’s when they told me,” she said....

Tatyana stopped for a moment while riding her bike when  she saw three police cars and an officer pointing a gun at here. Police asked if she was just a grocery store where earlier that day police received a report of a man with a machete who attempted to stab an employee. They were looking for a 30-year-old black male nearly 6 feet tall with shaved head and goatee and weighing 160lbs. Tatyana is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and only weighs 120 pounds. 

Unlike my mention of the first 3 areas of Hate and Anger, I will cite possible steps that could be taken to hopefully eliminate such offenses:


1. BPD [Bakersfield Police Dept] To Put Officers On Administrative Leave Immediately

2. The D.A. to File Charges Against The Officers

3. City Council To Adopt An Effective Community Police Oversight Committee

4. City Council To Approve The Budget For Body Cameras

5. FBI & US. Attorney Office To File Charges Against The Officers under Title 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law 

6. Attorney General To Include This Pattern Of Behavior In Their Investigation

7. Falsified Charges To Be Dismissed 

Unlike the first 3 areas cited, steps such as these are relatively easy to implement.  Of course, don't be surprised if the Thin Blue Line objects to any such oversight.
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It a difficult essay to read and then comment on Ed, because it's a very sad commentary on what we've become in this country in all facets of life.

I particularly liked your first part on the DAPL pipeline protests. You write so well and convey the true essence of what indeed did happen there.
They brought in militarized armory do use against our own people for trying to protect their/our land and you are right, not against 
"eminent domain", a legal precept in which seizure of private property is able to be done in the name of "common good".  Instead this precept has mutated into transfer of someone's private property to another, richer party for the second party's private good.
The sickening part is that our own gov't was complicit in this.

The other 3 parts while also horrific, Part Three Road Rage seems to be a symptom of our times, anger building up, at least seem at least to me, perhaps more curable.
Starting to give everyone more of a fair shake? Making this a less doggie dog world? Cracking down on Commercial and Police, perhaps more doable with tighter regs, control, oversight and punishment?

The scariest to me is our Gov't sanctioning and supporting this type of behavior. How do we crack down on that when they are all beholden to the big money interests?

As usual, yet another great essay!

Thank you so much for all of your original and diverse contributions to our community site.

You are a wonderful addition!

Miz Bee 
We will not win fighting what we hate but by saving what we love.

Keep Calm and Carry On 👍

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Alligator Ed
beebee wrote:
Thank you so much for all of your original and diverse contributions to our community site
Miz Bee 

Thank you for the kind words.
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